REBUILD YOUR FITNESSExercise and nutrition coaching to improve your body shape, muscle tone, energy levels and confidence

If you are looking to lose weight, tone-up or get stronger, we have a variety of results-driven programmes to suit your needs and goals.

Over the last 20 years, Merlin Fitness has helped hundreds of Plymouth women dramatically improve their body shape and confidence. Unlike traditional calorie-counting diet programmes which provide only short-term results, leaving you more confused and feeling like a failure, our exclusive programmes help you to achieve a long-term improvement in how you look and feel, within a like-minded and supportive community’

Metabolic Magic

Whether you want to fit into that dress for a special occasion, run your first 10K, or learn look and feel your best as you get older, we know how to to help. We specialise in individualised coaching within a group setting. We have a number of programmes, suitable for people of all levels from beginner to advanced, with movement regressions and progressions always available.

Functional Fitness

Our acclaimed ‘Metabolic Magic’ programme is scientifically designed to get you noticeable weight loss results in a time efficient manner. No more aimless workouts on boring machines or monotonous classes which rarely challenge you. If you feel like you have tried every diet in the book, only to end up back where you started (or worse), we can show you a new way to look at nutrition and exercise which virtually guarantees you success!

We look forward to welcoming you to our fully-equipped functional training studio, and helping you to quickly fit in to our supportive community. This is far from a generic Plymouth bootcamp – we understand the unique needs of our clients; 35+ year old women with 1-5+ stone to lose, who are feeling fed up with hiding under their clothes, and struggling to prioritise their own health whilst juggling a busy home and work life.

TRX-based group training

If your goal is to build functional strength and fitness, which enables you to perform better in your daily activities and hobbies, or to injury-proof your body for the future, then one of our TRX-based programmes may be for you.

Incorporating the use of the TRX Suspension Trainer, TRX RIP Trainer and our other exciting equipment, you will get a whole body workout, which improves your strength, mobility, endurance, core strength and power, whilst sculpting your body to make it lean and efficient.

TRX Based Training

‘Excalibur’ Nutrition Coaching


In Arthurian legend, the sword ‘Excalibur’ gave King Arthur his magical powers, and so it is with our full-featured nutritional coaching programme. This is far from a generic calorie-counting diet, but an individualised plan to teach you how to make the optimal food choices to support your goals. We will show you how to cook healthy meals, control your cravings, and make great food choices whether at home or out and about.

Not only that, but we will be there with you throughout your journey, via both your daily lifestyle habit homework and a monthly 1-on-1 accountability check-in with your coach.  Everything is designed to keep you on track and moving towards your goals, with a clear and structured plan for success which builds month on month. Our Excalibur nutrition coaching programme can be purchased separately, or added to many of our other services.

 What you will get

(*some options depend on your chosen programme)

  • Individual goal setting consultation
  • Body fat/health assessments *
  • Convenient group classes
  • Nutritional coaching *
  • Monthly follow up and results tracking *
  • Membership of our amazingly supportive community
  • Regular social and educational events
  • 100% Guaranteed results

To find out how YOU too can get great results, dramatically improve your health, and be on the way to building the body you have always wanted, simply fill in the form to request a free consultation now.

Meet Wendy

Wendy is living proof that no matter what your background, current fitness levels or medical concerns, you can still get excellent results if you are prepared to make that first step. She has pushed beyond a number of issues which others would have used as excuses, and has made incredible progress. Wendy has now lost several stone in weight, multiple inches and looks and feels great.

See their story here


An unbelievable offer

We will do whatever we can to assist you in reaching your fitness goals, be that you loose 20 lbs of fat, drop a few dress sizes or reduce your knee pain. Now for the real eye opener – if you work hard, follow the agreed programme and honestly implement our exercise and nutrition advice, and don’t get the results you were looking for, we will offer you a100% money back guarantee! Just ask another local gym to do that!

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