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Why choose us?

The Merlin Fitness mission is to build an inspiring and inclusive fitness community who respect and support each other, whilst encouraging individual success, challenging preconceptions, enhancing self-belief, unlocking potential and celebrating every achievement, no matter how small.

  • Private training or group classes with like-minded friends
  • Specialist cardiac, pulmonary, cancer and general rehab classes
  • A non-intimidating studio environment
  • Fun and supportive community
  • A warm and friendly welcome

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Our Programmes

At Merlin Fitness we have classes to suit people with a wide variety of medical conditions, from cardiac, pulmonary, cancer, diabetes, plus anyone wanting to lose weight and optimise their fitness and health to help them stay active as they age.

Rebuild your

Exercise and nutrition coaching to improve your body shape, muscle tone, energy levels and confidence.

Restore your

Specialist programmes to support your journey back to health and fitness following illness, injury or inactivity.

Revive your

Classes to relax, replenish and rejuvenate your mind and body.

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“I just love the fun and friendly classes where we can all get fitter together, no matter what issues we have.  Its a real community of like-minded people where you can instantly feel at home.”


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