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Over 22 years in the fitness industry

With over 20 years in the fitness industry, Beth is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable personal trainers in the Plymouth area.

Beth’s Bio

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Beth developed her passion for fitness at university, when trying to shed some unwanted pounds, and quickly realised how much she enjoyed not only improving her own results, but coaching and guiding others. Upon graduating she moved to South Florida, and alongside managing her own IT consultancy, developed a thriving endurance athlete coaching and personal training business.

Her competitive nature took her from recreational running, to ironman triathlons and beyond. None of this sounds strange until you realise that Beth lives with a congenital heart condition which presents daily challenges and long-term uncertainty. As a veteran of multiple open-heart surgeries, she has come to appreciate just what it takes to rebuild yourself, face your demons head on, and how to draw on the amazing power of the human spirit.

It seemed only natural that her own experiences would lead her to develop her true passion for helping those with longer-term health conditions, or issues which mean that taking time to pursue a healthy and fit life may not be an obvious priority. She is an absolute believer that no matter what obstacles present themselves, our lives can always be improved by taking on at least some physical activity. Her ‘no limits, no excuses’ philosophy not only underpins everything about the way she leads her own life, but also her desire to inspire her clients to push beyond their boundaries.

In January 2013, Beth made the leap and opened her own 1800 sq/ft studio in Plymouth, kitted out with an amazing variety of functional and fun equipment designed to appropriately challenge the body to get fitter for its daily activities. She aims to help the most disenfranchised in the fitness world; those for whom taking regular physical activity is not always an easy or natural choice – the overweight, the elderly, those with disabilities, injuries and medical conditions, or anyone who has been failed to get the results they want in mainstream gyms. She is an absolute believer that all Merlin Fitness clients deserve to be treated as individuals and not just a generic member.


Merlin Fitness now offers one of Plymouths most successful rehab programmes, aimed at 55+ year old men and women looking to get fitter, whilst overcoming various health challenges. We place particular emphasis on making physical activity achievable by anyone, no matter their age, experience or medical history. We help our clients ot regain their confidence and improve their well-being, all whilst having fun in a group setting .  For Beth it is about so much more than weight loss, but instead guiding her clients towards a sustainable and healthy relationship with food and exercise which they can successfully use for the rest of their life.

Having wanted to provide a more restful space for her client-base, Beth now runs her classes from a bright and airy ground-floor studio. She is also growing a team of highly experienced instructors who share her vision to create a truly unique and special fitness community.


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